Word Crush Wednesday: Paul Klee

So, this week marks the ‘end’ of my six-week work assignment. Turns out though, I still have a job next week. Apparently it could become ongoing, so I shall wait and hear. It seems a very open-ended placement, and the people are pleased with how things are working out.

This year I’ve been working more on creativity and trying to express myself through art more – not just writing, but trying to imagine things in a new way. During a quiet lunch today I wondered about a poem, some new image I could bring. I stocked up on various other supplies; paint and canvas for a day of dreaming. My main medium is still writing, and I’m trying to push myself. Every day I come online and see something new that inspires me.

It’s just that there isn’t quite enough time in the day, but I’m working on that. As it stands, I have an unbroken line of blog posts. Even at my weariest, or my least-inspired, I come on here even if it’s just to jabber.

I’m working on my Etsy store too, fitting in ten or fifteen minutes here to produce items that can, and will, be listed for sale. I’m working on the demon NaNoWriMo that spawned a hundred thousand words. (Not yet, it hasn’t, but that is the plan)

I guess you could say art is an increasing part of my life. Somewhere along the way I’ve stopped trying to preserve things in time and instead let them be seen, read – which brings us to the quote of the week:

Art does not reproduce what we see; rather, it makes us see.

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