Monday’s Missions

Firstly, I am going to create new categories. I’m sitting here writing and relishing in the sheer quiet that comes after a long day of work. I like to be organized, so I figured I might as well step it up – I feel like I’ve been slacking off in the Super-Organized section.

So, categories: Monday updates, though I’m still thinking of a snazzy title for them. My tiny stories, I fear, will get lost in the shuffle without a comfortable heading and category. Any story under 10 words will go in there. I may also make a 50 word story category. As it stands, I’ve been casually scribing lines of text. Single, solitary sentences. Fewer syllables than I have lipsticks. (It’s a lot)

I won’t bore you with naming off all the categories that don’t exist quite yet. If you like, you can just come back each day and watch them appear. More likely they will all appear at once, and remain empty until tomorrow when I painstakingly go through everything and tag it properly. Yes. That sounds about right.

Forgive me, if you sense a hint of something strange underneath these words. I promise you, there is not. I am, as I said before, just relishing in quiet. Have you ever been in a call centre, and that call centre has dealt with 400 calls in nine hours?

I have.

It’s about as mad as it sounds, but not quite. It goes something like this: lots of calls, clustering together in a tangle like necklaces, and then they taper off for ten minutes so you can sit quietly and drink water that has gone warm. Ick. I might add that this is my fourth (?) week on the phones and I still sometimes get a fright when it rings.

Also, I have to get to work again on the mysterious series that ran into my head screaming and waving banners the other day. There again, that may have been my muse but I can’t tell. I’ve been scrawling pages of notes and mad ideas in a strange cursive-print hybrid, dreaming of NaNoWriMo. This year I’d like to do NaNo in one day, because there isn’t enough madness in life already.

I decided to resume these Monday-me postings, because I would like to make it clear that I am a human behind the screen and not simply a chimp prodding at the keys. Sometimes I feel I could engage with you guys more. A lot more.

Last but not least, I’ve been trying to find out what’s going on with my work placement. About… hmm, must be two months by now, I found out that I had a job. Six-week placement. By my shoddy maths, it has been six weeks. The calendar says it must be nearly finished by now – sob. Thing is, they trained us up in Topic A and then offered us training for Topic B. Most of us took it, of course, but I don’t think the majority have had the time for Topic B. Topic A has become very busy. (See above: 400 calls)

Your guess is as good as mine.


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