Word Crush Wednesday: Invictus

So I’m sitting here with a pack of apparently never-ending Maltesers, and thinking.

Don’t ask what I’m thinking about, because that’s the sort of thing that leads to tangents and you might walk away from a conversation twice as bewildered and with half the answer you sought.

Here’s one thing I am thinking about: quotes. Motivation. Today at work I was discussing, you know, fate and religion and destiny and stuff with my colleague. What can I say, the phones weren’t desperately busy but they weren’t obnoxiously quiet. If that seems like an oxymoron, it is not. Imagine you are sitting at the computer, eyes on the screen, ready to flick into Smart Professional mode, and there are no calls. Not one.

*insert Waiting for Godot meme here*

Anyway, this reminded me of a quote I never quite remembered. I remembered the gist, just not the exact order. This one appeals to me because context, the chap who wrote it, William Ernest Henley did so when in recovery from a surgery – in the 1800’s – so it’s brave and he isn’t goddamn giving up ever and… he’s unafraid. Also, the title is Latin for unconquered, so says Wikipedia. I like this fellow’s spirit here.

I was tempted to write it all out, but I was worried that it would lessen the impact of the lines I’ve been keeping in my pocket all year:

I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.


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