Word Crush Wednesday: J. K. Rowling

So lately I’ve been thinking about missing out on things. I don’t mean socially, per se, but letting go of all the goals I had set for myself. It’s taken me a while to do the whole road-less-taken thing, though I use that term loosely because I did the route of university, then job hunting instead of going on to postgrad.

This is something I think about a bit, actually, and I think the theme is creeping into my writing – diverting me away from the other theme which is certainly welcome. I’m definitely going to work this through my writing further down the line… hang on, short story idea…

I look at people who are doing their own postgrad, or they’re in their secure long-term job prospect, and I wonder why I’m not doing those things. In this mindframe, it matters little to me that I have done NaNoWriMo several times, or that I have a novel series thing planned from one of them. It hides the fact that I blog, or that I feel like I’m improving my writing all the time.

Anyway, I wandered over to find a quote and found J. K. Rowling on the first page. Out of several quotes that leaped at me, this one was the leaping-est.

It is impossible to live without failing at something, unless you live so cautiously that you might as well not have lived at all, in which case you have failed by default.

3 thoughts on “Word Crush Wednesday: J. K. Rowling”

  1. I’m in the same boat, really – I started jobhunting rather than continuing onto postgrad, and I do sometimes regret it. I often feel like I greatly miss education, and literature, and that university atmosphere… but then I remember how much I looked forward to settling down with a job while I was doing my undergrad. I don’t think we’ll ever be entirely content, so the best thing to do is just… carry on, only compare your life with your own life, and try not to let the “what if?”s completely block out the great things you have going on. Seems like you’re there already, though.

    And she’s so right – we’ve gotta try things out, even if they fail. Only then will we gain experience and become better people from it!


  2. I wish you luck to sort out the mess you might see in front of you.
    I am sure you will find your way through it all – just as you always find the right words you will find the right thing to do.


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