Response to this challenge.

I am water.

I am ever-changing, ever-evolving, twisting through life like you wish you could.

(you wish i would change because right now you can’t like me, i’m too unpredictable for you and oh, don’t you wish you could be the one to change me?)

I am unbending.

I am a ghost, a vapour, ageless. You wish you were a rock, or something solid and steady, sharp and calm and ever-there, but you are too worn away from years of trying to coax me into letting you have your way.


Rock, meet water; watch me as I slip away from you again and again because there’s just too many other reasons to do so. There’s no real reason to stay still, no reason to stay stagnant in the one place for years after years. There’s too much else to do and see and have in life, too little reason to stay stuck on you forever.

I am ice, frozen up for a day or two because I’m so cold, but you can’t understand being trapped – no, you don’t now but some day you will. Some day soon. I see it in the way you speak, the little slips of words that warp and burn your speech and paint your future five or ten or fifteen years ahead of time. They’re the shadows that are yet to be brought to life, the ones that will be illuminated in years to come like sunlight glittering through sparkling water.

I am a prophet.

I can see, am seeing who you are and who you will be – you are only seeing who I am now, overlooking the latter part of the lifespan. I am clarity, hiding everything and nothing all in the same instance.

(you always were short-sighted, ironic when i am the one who is truly near-sighted)

Unbending still, maybe it’s stubbornness or maybe it’s a sense of self – either way, it’s my rule. I’ll only change if I so choose, and you do not fit the criteria. Come no closer – I do not wish to evaporate, swept away by your careless action.

(you are too rough, too uncaring)

I am steam, escaping at will, unable to be caught, dancing through life. I’m warm, too warm and if you do insist on coming too close –

then you may well find yourself burned.

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