Word Crush Wednesday: Thomas Edison

I’m back to the inspiration mode, because on the bus home I was daydreaming about hammering out ten thousand words of fiction tonight. Whether or not I will start writing remains to be seen, because right now there’s a headache creeping at my skull. Trying to, anyhow. I plan to try fending it off with tea shortly.

I’ve got piles of fictions to do – fanfiction to update, original stories that’ve been haunting me for what feels like several thousand years. It’s all self-assigned, which I now think is my subconscious method of reducing the feeling of having homework to do. I’m not sure when it reached the stage of having to do pretend-homework so I don’t go to work in the morning feeling like I’ve done nothing with my nighttime. Whatever is it, it’s strange. (Or is this a delayed reaction to the end of study, one year on?)

So, the quote:

If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves.


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