Blogging 201: The Events


Today I really do feel ahead of the Blogging 201 game. Today, we’re talking about events: participating in, or starting them.

As some of you will know, several weeks ago I began my own event. I named it Stellar and Lunar for a variety of reasons – a key one being that obviously, astronomy is a major fascination to me. I don’t have the brain for astrophysics (or maybe I do, I’ve never tried) but anyway, that’s a source of fascination to me. Actually, now I think on it several of my interests are the ones I don’t know about. Huh.

Anyway, I started that. The response so far has been good, as in several ways this blog and the event are both still fledglings. Essentially, it’s where you can come to write something about the night. Initially, it was fiction, but I’ve since opened it up to non-fiction as well. Why impose restrictions, right? The sky is literally the limit.

I also participate in a handful of events: Sundays are haiku day, courtesy of TJ’s Household Haiku Challenge.

Mondays, if I am clever and do not miss them, are also haiku, courtesy of Ronovan Writes.

Tuesday is poetry day, a Poetry 101 Rehab prompt hosted (earlier) by Mara Eastern and now by Andy Townend who is filling in for Mara during a hiatus.

Wednesday is Word Crush Wednesday, featured on Rebirth of Lisa. I’m a quote magpie.

Thursdays, I post my own challenges. Sometimes it’s a word, sometimes it’s a quote.

Fridays are the newest event, they’re going to be home to the Literary Lion flash-fiction challenges from Laura Feasey.

There you have it.

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