Monday, Monday

It’s occurred to me that for all that I’ve been planning out short stories, I haven’t done the writing. Yet. Luckily, the ideas have tapered off a bit, affording me a little more time to breathe and work on them more. I have seven pages on the “One Note” app thing, planning a total of almost a hundred thousand words worth of short stories.


I’ve even had the odd idea while I’m at work, and I don’t know which one I’m going to do first. Not to mention that no matter how you slice it, I’m going to need to do seven covers on very little money.

Also, my memory might be improving, which is a bonus as it means the ideas that do show up and make themselves at home stay there. That’s always a good thing. I’ve been doing a mind-training game and I think I’ve made myself a bit smarter. I mean, I don’t know how I’d know that that was the case, but you never know. It’s an assumption I’m making.

Hmm… what else. Oh, I’ve been doing some planning on today’s Blogging 201 challenge, which is social media and I will get into that later, because I’m not about to write eight hundred words in one go. Or maybe I am, but that will be fiction, later.

We’ve been busy bees at work, I work in a call centre and the calls just flow in some days. It’s great. Today was one such day – it’s not quiet for very long, and sometimes there can be a half dozen calls/conversations humming around you. I quite like it, it’s really stimulating. It makes the quiet of a slow hour very refreshing, very relaxing. Kind of. I’ve also got a first-hand understanding of the Pavlovian instinct now: any time I hear a phone ring or see the notification on my screen I snap to attention.

Okay, now to scoot on over to the 201 Commons and start Mischief, Part 72.

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