Blogging 201: Day 6

Well, you guys, I like to think I’m slightly on top of things today. Slightly, that is.

We’re to pick a social media outlet: I’m already utilizing two. My top preference for all posts is Twitter, because it’s more fun to me than Facebook. I like Twitter because I feel that I can post more on there, have conversations and so on, and it’s more… I don’t know, quiet? than Facebook. Because on the one hand you can post a dozen times, but on the other you don’t have all the games spam stuff and one billion pictures. Also, I remember my Twitter passwords much easier than Facebook.

(I know, you can ‘mute’ someone’s page, or something like that. I don’t go on there enough to worry about that)

Oops. I’m getting off-track. Anyway, I currently post to my Facebook page a couple of times per week, which reflects my personal use of the site. If you look at my widgets, you will see a Facebook and a Twitter tucked in there. Into a corner, if you will. There’s even a handy little boxy icon for the Facebook page, in case you would prefer the version with the picture.

Right now, I’m considering adding a third to the mix. I’ve been considering registering to either Pinterest or Instagram, the better to display the occasional photo I put into my blog… incidentally, I’ve been intending to begin more photos. More photography, make things interesting. Apparently the… repins? Clothespins? are a very effective way of setting up like, promotey stuff. Gaining attention. Which is, in the end, what I want to do. It’s why I blog, albeit not for myself, but for my writing.

So. Time for goals.

  1. By the end of this week, I will have started up a third social media account on which to promote posts on which I include photos.
  2. I would like to double my Twitter account by December.
  3. I would like to reach 100 Facebook page followers by December.

Lastly, I have a question for you wonderful readers: Pinterest or Instagram? How do they differ?

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