50 Word Story: Ladybug

Claire peeled the sheet of paper from the notepad, slipping it aside. The lecture was dry, tedious.

Hidden, almost out of sight at the back of the room, her pen swept over the paper. Ladybugs of all sizes covered the page.

Her mother always used to say ladybugs were lucky.

prompt ‘ladybird’ here.


2 thoughts on “50 Word Story: Ladybug”

  1. I like this. I love the opening line. It gives character and sets the scene is just a few words. The first time I read it I pictured real ladybugs which would a thing of wonder in a lecture. The second time I read it, she drew the ladybugs and I got a deeper insight into the character. I don’t think it matters I don’t know which it is, it works if they are real or not. Unless you are creeped out by bugs and it is a completely different experience.


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