Monday Magics

So… today we were let loose on the phones.

It was cool. I got a tricky sort of question right off the bat and spent the morning feeling all woebegone and, you know, curling up in a corner. Well, not quite, but that was the general idea.

And then, this is the weird thing, I got the hang of it. I don’t know how many calls I answered today, but somewhere along the way it clicked. (ahem) It got easy to answer, take down details and diligently answer the query of the minute. It became routine to rattle things into the keyboard and then shut off my phone for a minute to finish up a task.

Even better, it amused my mind. Kept me interested in what I was doing. I began trying to predict what the next caller would need, how many calls we’d reach by a certain time, trying to guess how long it would be before my line rang again. It was all very stimulating, especially when you add in that there might be three or four other conversations in the immediate area.

I like it, very much.

I shall return next week with another working-woman report.


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