Stream of Consciousness

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these, so I’ve decided to set myself eleven minutes. I’m tuning into (or out of?) my brain, and here is what you get.

The cursor is doing its blinky thing, and the screen is maddeningly blank, so… here we are. I can’t stand to see the blank page, it makes my fingers itch and I just spent several minutes running through event listings looking for something to prompt me into words. Oh – the Daily Prompt, I should have gone there. Oops.

How is it that during the last two weeks of training for working, I’ve not been at all a nervous wreck? I remember being ever so calm about the whole process, that’s very unusual for me. I’ve been kind of making friends all fortnight, there’s maybe a dozen or so of us in the latest intake. Maybe that’s it, how we’re all in the same boat and so that’s reassuring. So reassuring that subliminally I’m forgetting to be nervous.

First paycheck – that was cool. So, so cool, and I haven’t even spent it all – I’ve only spent a bit, and mainly on the Sensible Grown-Up Things. What does it mean, am I just randomly becoming more mature without even realizing it? Then again if I was, would I be plotting a spiteful secret thing just because I can? I really need to do my short stories, I’ve brainstormed and made notes for about six this week – thanks in part to a someone who committed a logical fallacy and went all stroppo. Ha. I win though, because I gained story ideas and I haven’t been committing logical fallacies.

Poem ideas too, there aren’t enough hours in the day to do everything, I wish there was a way to figure that out. How did time get invented? Who decided time should be measured so precisely into minutes and days and seconds and fractions of seconds?


I’m picturing some chap with Ye Olde Clocke and he’s like, watching the sand trickle through the hourglass or something, and then he gets all these ideas. I don’t know that I’ll research it, that would take the mystery out – on the other hand I like knowing things and if I don’t it will drive me mad.

Why did this guy be all, we need to measure time? Was it an early attempt at monitoring the time, so that people could know days and time and all of that?

Argh, I’m going to have to devote time this weekend to this research. And my writing – oh, can’t forget the knitwork and the Etsy. My poor Etsy store has been grievously abandoned. Lost, alone, like a sad kitten.

Hm. Roll on summer if only for the extended daylight hours.

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