Monday Eyes

So… it’s been another Monday as a working woman.

We’re still in the training stage, learning heaps of stuff – computer systems and all of that. I can’t say I’m not learning anything. So far I’ve got the hang of it pretty well. There’s been all kinds of things, like data entry or similar. The people are great, it’s quite the team environment. I suppose when you spend eight hours a day in the same vicinity, you’re bound to form a friendship. You would have to go very out of your way to avoid people – literally, you would have to find a cafe for lunch, or something if you didn’t want to be around others. If I’m not very much mistaken, next week we will be let loose on the phones.

Stray thought, while killer boots might be good-looking and give you height, they will hurt your feet and it is not a good idea to wear them on a day you plan to do much walking. Even if they are the only footwear that will suit your outfit.

I started the Etsy store, but the slight problem now is that I prefer natural sunlight when taking the photos, it makes the products look the best. Meaning that the best time is on the weekends. That’s pretty annoying, but when the weekdays run for about 12 hours and you leave home in darkness, spend all day inside and come home in near-darkness, I guess there’s not much you can do. Anyway, more of that to come later. More items; contrary to what some might say, I spent a bit of time doing some stockpiling, so I won’t run out of items anytime soon. I also bought some more materials today, pretty stuff I’ve had my eye on for at least a week.

And of course, the writing. I’ve had ideas for short stories, you know the ones in the region of 5,000 – 20,000 words. I’ve got about five planned out, or at least the ideas sketched out. Stuff happened the other night, which gave me ideas. I’m already planning the acerbic author’s note in one of them. (The cover, too. I always regret my artistic disinclination, but even moreso when I consider how I’d like to design my own book covers and can’t draw for toffee)

I think next Monday when I come in for this update, I’ll make it a ten-minute stream of consciousness.

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