Word Crush Wednesday: Wilma Rudolph

I have dragged myself from my cozy den of blankets. I am exhausted, you guys, just bone-weary, so I’ll try to keep this snappy.

Last night I heard back about the job for which I jumped through a dozen hoops: I didn’t get it, but the woman at the recruitment agency said to me there was another job going, and would I like her to put me forward for it? I figured, why not, so she sent me a few online tests to do (I rocked them, to use the vernacular) and she rang back about an hour later to tell me hey, you did well on the tests and by the way you start the job in a couple of weeks.

You start the job.

You start the job.

It has been almost a year – I’ve been out of university a year now – of job hunting, of weary application-soaked days and traipsing to interviews, of being told I’m not quite experienced enough. And okay, it’s a six-week thing but it has the potential to go longer. I’m crashing now, feeling not unlike when I graduated university.

With this in mind, here is the week’s quote:

The triumph can’t be had without the struggle.

9 thoughts on “Word Crush Wednesday: Wilma Rudolph”

      1. I’m studying English Lit but have no idea what I want to do career wise. I’m thinking of doing a voluntary placement at a newspaper or something, even just for a few days. It might help me decide if that’s something I’m interested in.


      2. *high-fives you* I did the same… Actually you sound a bit like me 🙂 *slinks off to look at your blog*

        I did a library work experience placement, found it enlightening.


      3. Oh, no problem. I didn’t *decide* on a path, per se. It’s more that I studied English because I loved it, and when I finished my degree I realized I needed, you know, paid work. The job I’m due to start next month is in customer services, though I’ve also looked at admin/reception.

        One day, I intend to be an author though. That’s the really long-term goal.

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      4. That’s exactly what I did but now I don’t know what to do either! I always hope I’ll “fall” into something like a lot of people do, but we’ll see I suppose 🙂


  1. Wishing you luck and all success. God bless !
    I went through the same, a year ago – but I was qualified, educated, with experience with the fault of having left the work force without an alternate job in hand.
    So thats another life lesson learnt.


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