And The Verdict Is…

Just kidding! There’s no verdict yet. Quick recap: on Wednesday I sat an exam had a Mega Job Interview and they said I’d maybe have an answer by the end of the week.

It is Monday. I do not have an answer.

I have been trembly like a rabbit, one who sits exams and then has to impatiently wait her exam results. Only in this case the exams are Interviews and the Results are gainful employment. I could drag out this comparison for another street or two, but won’t. I’m too anxious. Half of today I’ve been imagining my phone brightening with a text or a call, only to realize it was a trick of the light. Several times I have heard a mobile phone nearby go off and pounce on mine, hopeful even as the rational part tells me I never changed my ringtone.

My mobile has not left my side, or my sight.

I’m rationalizing this out as much as I can: the coach with whom I interviewed seemed to like me. So did her colleague. If the company wanted to say no, surely they would have done so already? Does this mean they are debating whether or not to write up a contract for me? The other day I was very positive, but it’s getting a bit difficult to keep a grip on that.

On the bright side, I do have two interviews this week. Should this one fall through I have a couple of potential back-up plans.

6 thoughts on “And The Verdict Is…”

  1. Where I work now the CEO took his sweet time to inform me that I got the apprenticeship – after I eventually called a week after he has wanted to …
    Don’t worry it’s not a rejection until they say “no”.


    1. A week?! Oh scheisse… I’m doomed. Patience is not my strong suit! I’ve been keeping in touch with the agency (the entire thing has been through an agency) but so far not a peep.

      Thanks for the encouraging words 🙂


      1. You’re welcome.
        Well, I know how that feels. I’m rather impatient too….

        P.S I was just wondering who answers my comment at 7:09 am …
        And then I thought somewhere else in this world the day is probably almost over already 😀


      2. Well, I can’t say that it’s warm here in Germany. Even though it’s summer already we barely reach 14*C … Last year around this time we had almost 30*C !

        I just hope I can still celebrate my birthday outside – I have never needed to celebrate somewhere inside…..


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