Word Crush Wednesday: Jean Cocteau

Apparently it is Wednesday, which means it’s time for another quote.

This week I’ve had my Final Interview for a company, a quite well-known one. I jumped through about five hoops to get to this stage, and… yeah, I’m somewhere on the scale of cautiously optimistic to outright wary. Or weary, I’m not yet sure which one. (Maybe it’s both. That sounds logical, and also unfortunate as there are two more working days before the weekend) Either way, at some point it went from a quick “video interview” to Heavy-Duty Online Tests and More Interviews and my favourite, the Heavy-Duty Interview.

So there’s that.

All that’s left is for them to check my references. I was about to rabbit on a bit more, about all the impressions I had and what I think of everything that happened today, but I’ll save that for Monday Updates. Or Twitter, because I am too analytical for my own good and Twitter is my analyzing-things friend.

My quote this week is disconnected from reality, but not me entirely:

An artist cannot speak about his art any more than a plant can discuss horticulture.

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