Poetry 101 Rehab: The Temptress

i chase you.

you tempt me
summon me
driving me mad with your

(i don’t notice your presence)

i chase you further
seeking the presence i
never notice.

(take me with you
bring me back)

you are flighty, impulsive
ruled by mischief.
i imagine a sprite
toying with lesser humans
– or a vindictive goddess
high on a mountain.

(decrees won’t make themselves
and mortals cannot govern themselves)

i gather my weapons
to pursue you just a
little longer.
the weapons enchant you
entrap you.

(won’t you stay a while?)

see there, your friend
lyre in hand as he serenades
me – fighting you.

(you fight so often)

and you are oh-so
stealing time and never
reimbursing it.

(you are sleep and
oh, so elusive)

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