Rainy Days And Mondays

… Oh wait, it is both.

It’s been progressively rainy today. It was chilly this morning, the seeing-your-breath kind, and then gloomy dark clouds moved in. They stuck around for a while and it’s now drizzling, on and off.

Anyway, I’m at home curled up in the warmth, so the weather doesn’t matter too much. I’ve done a bit more plotting, a bit more refining of my blog schedule. I’ve decided on random Saturdays, where I might review music or a book or write an installment of the Faux Landlords. Saturdays are at the mercy of my whims.

Monday has also been refined to Updates Monday, where I tell you guys a bit about me. Maybe a bit about how my week has gone, maybe a new update on the Great Job Hunt 2015, or maybe just random philosophizing. (Don’t expect too much of that last bit, okay?)

So today I sent out half a dozen job applications and clawed at walls waiting for the woman from a job-recruiting agency place to call. To clarify, about a month ago I applied for this job, and I heard nothing until… last week, maybe? Seems they’re having trouble filling the place, or finding someone suitable. The long and long of it is, I was invited to do a video interview. Then I was invited to do an online test, you know those logic-verbal-personality things? That. Then I was invited to a Let’s Meet Sarah, during which I learnt what a tax form looks like and how you fill one out.

I waited about a week for the result of my first online test, and then I had a call. I was told yay, I had passed the first test, now there is a second test! So I wandered home and did that test. The call came about three hours later, and the woman (we’re practically friends now) seemed delighted because I passed the second test. Apparently not many have reached this stage?

Tomorrow I do a phone interview with the company (let’s call them Pie) to see if they want to meet me properly. I bet they will. They always do.

Thus sums up my job hunting mischief.

I’m now “kicking back” as they say. I’m researching Pie, listening to music that takes my breath away and alternating between playing games and reading fanfiction.

All in all, not a bad way to spend a birthday.

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