This is my own contribution to my Stellar and Lunar challenge. I just couldn’t resist.

You see, I draw inspiration from a lot of things. A book, a poem, a song… In the case of this poem, the inspiration was the beautiful “Little Star” by The Controversy. I reviewed them on Saturday, and you can find the links to their Soundcloud and Bandcamp in this post.

(Can you tell I love this band?)

So, distances:

i lift the binoculars
to my eyes.
squinting just a bit
makes it look like
you’re close to me.
     -optical illusions: i
      extend my arm but
      you’re not there.
      just empty space.

i drop the binoculars
bundle them up and
label them accursed.
temptation is an ever-present
imposition, chipping at willpower.
       -i resist: because what
       else can i do but
       keep on resisting?
       no, pick them up again.

faltering now, just one
look, just this once
unlocking that gate only
makes the path available.
       -resist or don’t: it makes
        no difference to you
        you who are so distant.
        so sincerely distant that it hurts.

i put the binoculars down.

you’re so distant that
you could be among the stars.

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