Saturday Music: The Controversy

I’m the first to admit, I don’t speak music. I can tell you about bands just fine, but if you want a technical description of a song, break down instruments and such – I am not your girl.

However, I do know what I like.

First up – The Controversy. Once upon a time, I was on Twitter and I was bored. I searched, music. I don’t even remember what I searched, but it led me to The Controversy. To my delight their music was on iTunes (if I buy a song on iTunes then I am in love with that song and we will be friends for life) so I acquired Real. I played it on repeat many a time, hooked on the lyrics and the vocals.

This was in perhaps 2012, and now I would like to bring us to now.

Don’t Count On Me is the latest release, showing a dreamy progression from Real. Still within the pop genre, each song speaks honestly and simply; I have never put on their music and ground my teeth at manufactured pop like I might with mega-famous bands or singers. There’s the mysterious Inside My Robot’s Mind, a short piece purely of instrumentals, which I find is complemented by the haunting mystery of Spanish-lyric Luna. I find the music to be behind the vocals, complementing them instead of competing with them.

My favourite tracks are Queen of Chinatown, the message of which is “do what you want to”. It isn’t a happy song, but its message is always there in the background, and there manages to be a lot of power in four short minutes – and Neon Sign, a tale of never seeing what was before you until it’s too late. I daresay I’ve had Neon Sign playing a lot when I’m writing, because it’s beautifully honest – not brutal, but the kind where you follow along and remember your own experience like this.

Here on Bandcamp.

Here on Soundcloud.

The Controversy brings a refreshing change from Top-40 music, both in lyrics and music, and their songs mean all the more for it.


10 thoughts on “Saturday Music: The Controversy”

  1. Once this Beethoven Sonata ends, I’m checking The Controversy out. Sounds like a great band!
    As for writing improvements- aha, I honestly have no idea. It’s good as is! (Er, idk, maybe the font can be a little hard to read, but that’s probably just me!) ✪


    1. Which Sonata? Yes, they’re wonderful 🙂 I hope you like them.

      Thanks! I was a bit nervous writing this because as I said, I don’t really speak Music Language very well – so I focused a bit more on the what-I-liked aspects.

      As to the font – always a good point, and I’ll delve into the inner workings of settings later. Thanks so much!

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      1. Sonata 1, the Menuetto/Allegretto section. I feel like such a geek saying this, but it’s so nice and dramatic, especially in the latter section.

        Your approach is perfect! It’s fine if you can’t speak “Music Language” well; you write from the heart, which is what matters, really.

        No problem! Glad I helped in some way. ✪


      2. I haven’t heard it, so I shall take it as a recommendation. I love music that’s got a bit of drama to it. (And never fear geekery because intelligence is awesome)

        True! Thank you for the encouragement.

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  2. […] You see, I draw inspiration from a lot of things. A book, a poem, a song… In the case of this poem, the inspiration was the beautiful “Little Star” by The Controversy. I reviewed them on Saturday, and you can find the links to their Soundcloud and Bandcamp in this post. […]


  3. An amazing band. I’ve been lucky enough to catch them LIVE a few times out here in L.A. and each time I truly feel they leave the audience wondering, “Who the heck was that – they are great!”. There’s such a positive vibe they give off during the set(s). And, now with Amy White and a new member, this band is going to get very big….very fast.
    On a side note, check out Laura and Thomas’s side projects – Laura Vall with: and Thomas with:


    1. You lucky person! I’d love to see them live, but I live in New Zealand – bit of a distance 😦

      Yes, I’m looking forward to their new work with Amy White. Just about to begin browsing her work.

      Thanks for the links! 🙂 I hadn’t realized they had side projects, so this sounds like a good way to spend a weekend.


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