The Curious Mind’s List

This one’s an easy one for me: create a list. There’s something deeply satisfying, to me, about a list. Carefully constructed, maybe with bullet points, headings and subheadings and a spot of colour-coding.

However, all of that is a bit finicky for a sleepy Friday night, so I’m going to list for you subjects and classes that I either have taken, or would have liked to study. These are in no real order, and I will refer you to the above Friday night note.

English literature. This is maybe the biggest of the lot, because I did major in it, and studying it at university gave me a whole new appreciation for several hundred years of literature. I liked meeting all the different ways the English language was presented, enjoyed learning little idiosyncratic nuggets of knowledge specific to a time period.

Classical Studies. Another thing I studied, less than I did English but to this day I still acquire copies of ancient plays. I always covered the Greeks and Romans, tragedies and comedies and it was always enjoyable.

Biology. I quit science in high school, once it stopped being compulsory, and focused on history and language (German) Actually, I would’ve liked to learn all the different sciences, they all seem fascinating to my curious mind. If literature is a commentary on how things are, science is the explanation for why they are. All I can say is, thank goodness for free online MOOCs. Sadly, my high school generally only offered five classes, which meant that for me it was either/or.

Anthropology. I did study this for a while, in its different disciplines. I found it to be a marriage of history and science and possibly sociology, or maybe something else. I’m not quite sure, but I do know I liked it. I’ll have to find something fun to study.

Languages. This is a sub-list. I would’ve liked to also learn French and maybe Spanish, possibly also Italian and… yeah, that’ll do. For now. Maybe it’s just me, but I find that a German background lends itself a little bit to a tiny bit of familiarity with other languages. Does anyone else find this?

Alright, you guys, the word count is climbing ever-higher and I’ve barely scratched the surface. What subjects did you study, or what do you wish you’d studied?

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