Power of Suggestion

I don’t generally ask for advice, so there isn’t really something I wish I’d been told.

This, then, becomes the advice I would give anyone in this boat. For the record, this boat I’m in is the age old one of (fairly) recent university graduate, looking for a job because I studied something that wouldn’t land me super-quick employment after graduation and no immediate post-graduate study plans.

The advice is this: don’t give up.


I’ve never been one to give up on things, partially because I enjoy the satisfaction of finishing some task I’ve set myself, and partially because I get bored when I’m not doing something. You can’t further a nefarious plot carefully laid plan/novel/degree if you pack it in.

Enjoy the easy times, and have a battle plan for the difficult. Coffee helps, I find.

(This is the part where you can include the encouraging cliches and adages of your preference)

Life is too short for regrets.


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