Word Crush Wednesday: Oscar Wilde

Today’s quote is actually something I wrote about a while ago, but it’s one of the ones that came home with me one day when I was reading or studying or, I don’t know, writing a novel.

It stuck with me, as these quotes do, because I am a quote magpie and I like to collect nuggets of wisdom. Memory is something I’ve pondered over the years, this magical thing that either is there or isn’t. If there are in fact multiple other universes and other versions of me roaming about, I like to think one of them would’ve studied psychology and memory. (If this has already happened, I have no knowledge of it)

I like this quote from Oscar Wilde because of my interest in memory, and my love of books – both the kind you read, and the kind you write in. It’s another short one, which means I’m probably going to hunt down something lengthier next week.

Memory is the diary that we all carry about with us.

2 thoughts on “Word Crush Wednesday: Oscar Wilde”

  1. This is a good quote. Since I am 60+ now I realize that the memory grows fuzzy so it would be much better to have those recorded in a diary. I suppose the ink in a diary might fade but not nearly as fast as the aging mind loses its memories.


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