Something Else Entirely

I’m not quite sure about all this “something else entirely” malarkey, but it seems to be sticking around.

Also, I don’t know what “flavours” it’s encompassing today – ice cream? Lip gloss? Skittles? Perfume? – so I’m going to pretend I’m talking about all of them.

I’m also going to use “something else entirely” as the all-encompassing answer, because if it’s lip gloss then the answer is anything fruity, or chocolatey. Or, you know, vanilla. Vanilla’s a tricky one though, it can be bland, and there’s a fine line between there and choking-on-cupcakes. Otherwise, it’s all pretty much acceptable: various types of berry or non-berry. At the moment I’m in a red mood, which means that any of the above products should be either red in colour or have some red tone.

I refuse to just pick one thing, because life would get very tedious if I had to nominate one thing to stand above all others, and I like change. I like unpredictability, I like having options. I’m a get-bored-easily type, and it’s when I’m bored that I begin plotting mischief random new ways to amuse myself.

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