I think the Daily Prompt elves are trying minimalism today?

I don’t like it.

I do, however, like the prompt – I surmise that they are asking for my preference on the places they have listed. First off, forests: I dislike them, because who knows what creepy-crawlies live there. Also, despite the fact that I’m good at navigating and could probably find my way out of a forest if I got lost, I wouldn’t like to take that risk. Navigating my way out is time that could be spent on other pursuits: job hunting, book reading, book writing.

Mountains: I like them well enough, and have climbed a couple in my time (just the ones in the realm of New Zealand, but they still count) but… what’s the actual purpose of the prompt? Is it where I’d like to go, to stay, to live? I’ll visit a mountain for a day, and call it done.

This leaves beaches. I like them on sunny days, but on the proviso that I’ve remembered sunglasses, because otherwise all that sparkly ocean and glittering sand is annoying. There is an image though, in my head, of a stormy beach day. Moody rain, ocean all frenzied and the winds picking up sand. Gloomy, and you have to have a flask of a hot drink to stay warm. It’s the kind of day where you want a scarf and jumper, so I suppose it’s mid-winter.

“Somewhere else entirely” is the city, which is my favourite. Lots of people, heeled boots on pavement, and the scent of coffee drifting out from the various cafes lining the street. Preferably this city day comes with earphones and a music player, a good novel tucked into a handbag, and an interesting destination.

It’s the kind of day you could lose yourself in.

3 thoughts on “Places”

  1. Don’t mind forests. Mountains? Meh, I can take ’em or leave ’em. Someplace else? We’ve all been there. Totally everyday event. Beach…Now you’re talking! But only if I’m sitting on a cliff overlooking the ocean and watching the waves (especially if it’s a bit rough) crash onto the rocks. You can keep your boots clomping on pavements, I hate crowds 😀


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