A Blogger’s Return

So… been a while. I’m still convinced someone is stealing time, because here we are and it’s suddenly mid-March.

I’ve been low on inspiration too, run out of poems to post and idle things to say, and then I realized I was basically at the point of posting once per week. Considering my goal is to post daily, I have a lot to make up for. With that in mind, I drew up a rough schedule of what’s being posted when, and I’ll edit my categories as needed.

I think I realized long ago, I don’t want to sustain this purely on creative writing alone – I’m sure I’ll burn out on that within a while if I try, and that’s kind of evidenced by the fact that I’ve gone about two weeks without posting. (At least I think it’s two weeks)

Anyway, I’ve been planning mischief for months, and will begin getting to that. Music’s going to be a new thing I do, reviewing and sharing things I like, but in my scheduling wisdom I didn’t designate a day. Hm, let’s make Sunday the music day, simply because I’m not in an alliterative mood. I’ve already got my first idea for music, so I’ll spend some time this week on that. I think from now I’ll be spending a little while getting things settled, making it all logical and awesome. There will still be creative writing, and updates on all the writings I’m undertaking, collaborative effort included.

Speaking of, I have a contribution to that to do. We’ve been planning it all out into eight steps, and narratives and tangling things up for readerly amusement.

(Also, when did WordPress change the ‘New Post’ thingy, or is that just me?)


6 thoughts on “A Blogger’s Return”

  1. I am low on inspiration to write too- i prefer to just read or loaf around. Writing is too much of a pain for me now. I like to comment on peoples’ blogs like I am doing now, though.


  2. I don’t know when it was changed, but the other day it changed back…have they changed it again?
    Wish they’d leave things alone.


      1. That’s what it was like when I posted, but when I went back to check, it had gone back to the old way. Seems they stuffed up again 😦


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