The Choice

At first glance this seemed like a difficult choice….

And then I read it properly. I’d definitely pick writing my own blog over reading others’ – no offense, you guys, but here’s how it works: my brain is a bit like a hamster on one of those wheels, running around and around and around and…

If I could only read, I’d spark new ideas on a daily basis, and there wouldn’t be time to write them all out in full, as ideas deserve. This is a thing that I have very scientifically proven figured out through my time browsing the Interwebs. I first made the connection one day browsing fanfiction, that the reason I had to keep stopping and scrawling out a summary/idea/plot was because of all the magical other stories I was seeing.

I apply that here because if I’m the shadow-girl quietly lurking around your blogs, I’ll be weeping into my coffee, staining notebook pages with salt because I don’t ever vent my ideas for the world to see. That just isn’t me; I can’t leave things to languish silently in a drawer. I blog to share things with you, and over the past two and a half years, blogging has settled comfortably into my bones.

It’s like having an online home, one that I’m not ready to leave.


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