Day 33

think it’s Day 33 of the year. Either way, it’s now February and jeez, when did that happen? Didn’t we just welcome in 2015?

I had my job interview thing on Friday, I’ve inferred that it was a sort of screening thing. I may or may not have a second interview, depending I guess on how much they liked me and wanted me to work for them.

It’s in a bookstore, by the way. A proper bookstore, not the kind that’s 92% giftwares and notebooks and 8% books. Seriously, my local bookstore has devolved so much from shelves packed with books to a corner of magazines and puzzle books, a row of art supplies, a handful of non-fiction and a ton of other stuff. Loads of stationery, piles of random toys (what place does a toy giraffe have in a bookstore?) and other things that are not books. Is anyone else finding this happening with bookstores? Are they just being taken over by not-books, to be left as an afterthought of ‘we also stock books’?

(I might be a tad bitter here, I used to love going to this store and browsing the classics section for awhile, but now it’s more of a cursory “I have all these” glance and exit)


Anyway, this is just books, wall-to-wall, and tables lined up through the store with more books. Needless to say, I felt quite at home.

I’ve also got an appointment hanging out at a university library – don’t ask me how many libraries the university has, I tried to count and lost track – so we shall see.

I might just be nearing employment.


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