Progress, Of a Sort

Well, you guys, the job applications have been marching on. Or, I don’t know about marching, but I’ve been finding things and applying for them, so… I guess they’re sort of limping? Or they’re walking up a mountain, but it’s a bit rocky and it’s rained recently, so it’s a bit slow-going.

(And I wish it would rain, just once, to alleviate some of the summer we’ve been having)

Anyway. Today’s application was kind of perfect for a bibliophile-Sarah: it’s a part time (but that’s not a problem) library assistant. It’s in the medical school of the university, about 38 minutes away by bus. I looked at the description. The description looked at me, its font challenging me. Do you, Sarah, want to work in a library that mightn’t be magical fiction?

Yes. Yes I do. I’ve proved myself quite capable of resisting all the lovely books while working in a library. Usually, I’d just shelve and stack or scan, sometimes admiring a cover. The part-time of it means I’ll have time to seriously think about starting the Etsy business I’ve been muttering about considering, and if I do start it, time to work on it as well. And who knows, it could maybe pan out to being a full-time position. Oh, the possibilities. So shiny.

The application closes tomorrow and I shall keep you posted.

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