Culture Shock

So… Today is December 28, and I’m at a bit of a loose end.

The other night I was browsing around online, looking for word inspiration, and I came across an advertising banner. You know the kind, they advertise online games or some company or tell you that you’ve won all the money in the world, please click HERE on the flashing letters.

Only this kind was a Studylink banner. For those who don’t know, Studylink are the elves who supply student loans and all that good stuff. I saw this, in all it’s green-and-blue glory, and thought Crap. I haven’t done loan applications, or classes, or anything.

The kicker? I don’t need any of that right now. I finished my degree six months ago and graduation was three months ago.

I subsided in relief, remembering that I was not shockingly behind my organizing, and wandered off to scribble an idea down.

Transitioning to the working world, or the looking-for-work world, is stranger than I expected. It was easy to get used to not having classes and essays and tests, but it was not applying for loans that threw me for a loop. They don’t tell you this at graduation. There might be a speaker who tells you what he did after he finished his degree, but he possibly won’t tell you what it was like to have time divided into solid blocks of Classes and Not-Classes. And I don’t know if he’ll mention what it’s like to realize randomly that you’re really not going back right away, that maybe you should leave the brochures for 2017 because you’re not doing more study yet.

As I write, I’m mentally planning what else I might do, what other changes I might make to this blog. I don’t have goals or resolutions, because by February I’ve inevitably forgotten them, but I do have ideas and plans. So far I’ve been considering using this space, maybe once a week, to feature a band or artist I like – not the Top 40 charts (is that a thing?) but the kind with 3000 followers on Twitter who deserves a bit of blog magic. I’m also planning to start an Etsy store and maybe try my hand at self-publishing something, but that’s yet to be determined.

There may be new pages created.

Watch this space.


1 thought on “Culture Shock”

  1. Argh, I hate loose ends too. It’s a transition and the only thing constant in life is change. You’ll get through it and one day sit wondering why you didn’t appreciate the ‘whatever’ (free time maybe?) that you had in this moment in life. Good luck with your job hunting.


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