So, today is December 17. We’re two weeks out from 2015.

I think it’s time for some goal-spotting. This is in no particular order.

Blog goals: to blog daily, and to write more. I don’t like staring at the blinky little cursor and thinking “I have nothing to write.” I loathe the blank white screen that provides me with no inspiration. I’ve said this more than once, this posting-more-goal, and so far it’s yet to stick. Oops.

Novel goals: I wrote my 50,000 words in November, and would you believe I have plans to start something new? It’s just an idea I have drifting, and it might actually just wind up a novella, but that’s fine by me, because I don’t want to go the Emily Dickinson route of leaving my writings to fade and collect dust get eaten up by cyberwolves with an appetite for fiction. I also plan to start reworking my novel for publishing, and I’ll probably even look at the first mumblemumble that I started and never looked at again.

(three. three novels already exist, and now a fourth)

Job goals: I would say this goes without saying, but it doesn’t. Today at Agency, I stumbled across eleven jobs in varying degrees of This Suits Sarah. I’ll begin the applications when I’ve topped up my caffeine levels, and hope my eyes don’t blur together after the first five.

Other goals: I intend to get to the next stage of my driver’s licence (erk!) which would be the Restricted. I also want a car, because cars are useful. And shiny. Ooh! I’ve been threatening saying this for months, but I want to open an Etsy store which will be tied to this blog, because Etsy is awesome and I am awesome. Just for fun.

I think that’s about it. You guys don’t really need to know my goals about penguins and secret pacts, do you?

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