Sneaking Back to Internet

So much for posting every day, as I intended to thirteen days ago.

In my defence, I went from my job-seeker course straight to a placement for work experience and the alphabet has been rearranged. Did you guys know that? I didn’t. I’ve spent over forty hours in a library this week, which is a bibliophile’s dream come true but when you’re knee-deep in shelving you begin finding the alphabet is wonky. Does J precede F? Is H really before K? That sort of thing. If I had a dollar for each time I’ve silently sung the alphabet to myself this week…

Anyway, I’ve learnt a lot. I can deal with fines and issue books and return them. They set me loose on the desk the other day. It’s pretty fun, you get to chat to people and eye up the books they’re getting. I’ve been so focused on the tasks that I haven’t even eyed up the books. So many books. Also, there’s another librarian who speaks German a bit, so we bonded over that in our haven’t-studied-German-in-how-long Denglish. That was cool.

I also haven’t written anything more for either novel, and I realized last night I forgot the Collaborative Novel update. My own novel has screeched to a halt whimpered to a stop at 2355 words. I’ve sworn to myself I’m going to finish, I really have. I really am going to finish. I think I had maybe one really good day, and now it’s just… blah.

Alrighty, here is my solemn vow to write more. More of everything, and – darn, I wanted my novel finished by now – more internet presence. I’ve been back on Twitter a little bit, just now, and I plan to get back to it. I’ve got a bit better accustomed to a 40 hour workweek, so now I think I can manage more.


5 thoughts on “Sneaking Back to Internet”

  1. That is a mighty long workweek for just work experience. I guess it’s different when kids in high school do work experience. I hope you do manage to get some writing in, Sarah, it’s tough at the best of times programming writing into your day.


    1. True – then again I’ve been out of high school for ages, and I’m after permanent full-time work. It’s been really useful in that regard, I’ve realised there might not always be time to write.

      Thank you – I do plan to write more this weekend, and now that I know what full-time work looks like I’ve got a better idea of how to schedule writing 🙂

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  2. I know some of how you feel. I just got a full time job last Monday and my blog postings has dropped to nil. 😦 Though this weekend I am brimming with ideas. I’m hoping I’ll get use to my “new time table” and get back into the swing of writing things. I also have done some file reorganization and did the same alphabet thing too!


    1. Congratulations! What will you be doing?

      I found I was the same – going days between posts. In the past I’ve had whole weeks where I dropped off the blogosphere, so I’m trying to avoid it.

      Funny, isn’t it, you go however many years knowing your alphabet and half an hour of organizing unravels that 🙂

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      1. My title is “drafter-estimator”. Right now I am drawing tecnical structures in AutoCAD, and after a while I’ll be able to help customers with pricing what they want verses what our company can do, physically and economically.
        Though working in a library sounds like more fun. I was glad and excited for you when you announced getting the job.


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