Day Five

This was supposed to be an interesting post, reporting back to you my various NaNo adventures and the goings-on of the job-finders course.

That came to a slow grinding halt at midday, when the slight tension in my throat developed into a soreness. Well done, Mother Nature. You’ve got a girl who’s trying to get to and from a job-finding masterclass, and you go and give her a cold. To admit my own culpability though, I haven’t been wearing scarves or a coat – because it’s November, Mrs Nature, we should be fluttering towards summer – as I didn’t think I needed them. I’ve been spending half-hours in the cold at a bus stop with the wind rattling around my bare throat and a light jacket that doesn’t do much for warmth.


So much for that.

On the plus side, I’ve remembered a few more details about High School Me to include on my CV. We’re looking for leadership, that sort of thing. My CV is getting a lot better as it is – these people are awesome.

Did I tell you guys, they gave us a maths test?

I’ll try to bring you a poem tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “Day Five”

  1. Ew, maths. Here I was thinking after school ended I’d never have to face it again, but I guess I was sadly mistaken… 😛

    By the way, you’re not the only one with a sore throat! I was an idiot and forgot to bring an umbrella today, so I was caught in a thunderstorm walking home from school. Not the smartest decision I’ve ever made, as you can tell. 😉


  2. Hope you feel better soon my friend. There are some nasty little bugs going around. I can highly recommend Betadine sore throat gargle. Amazing stuff.


    1. Thank you, I am feeling better now. There are indeed, which is strange because I thought the bugs stuck to winter.

      I’m taking Benadryl which has convinced me that the manufacturers have never met a berry in their life.


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