A Trick

Once upon a time, I came upon the idea of a poem for food. Or something.

I’m going to apply that to Halloween.

In a lollies-free house, the kiddies would have to subject me to a recitation of Literature. Shakespeare, for instance. I don’t generally startle easily, and so I would be shocked to find a couple of kids on the doorstep reciting Othello. It might even scare me, depending on the lines quoted. Iago’s awesome, but just a tad menacing. (This is a dude who convinces his friend that his wife is being unfaithful, based on a strawberry-spotted handkerchief. See? Menacing)

Also, the sheer awesomeness would still not inspire me to find some treat. I am a Halloween Grinch.

9 thoughts on “A Trick”

    1. Quite. I’ve read tales of how here, it’s all about the lollies – seems to matter little if there’s any actual significance to be celebrated.

      Next up is that horror for firefighters and animals alike.


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