The Zodiac According to Me

First up, I don’t believe in horoscopes. I find it daft that a person’s date of birth determines their character.

In saying that though, this is right up my alley.

My birthday is mid-June, and I’m kind of a mixed bag. With some people, I’m confident. With others, I’m shy. I might be happy to meet new people, or I might slink into the nearest corner with earphones and Ignoring The World vibes. I can pontificate on things, or I can be almost silent, cryptic in one-word replies. The Sarah-zodiac person is creative in some form, be it writing or painting or making jewellery. Maybe they’re a renaissance person, interests scattered across half a dozen subjects and maybe they had trouble deciding definitively on their major.

They also are fiercely loyal to family, and to those they call friend. They’re sometimes a bit quick to temper and can be a walking mass of contradictions, and they admire people for their intelligence, not fame. Odds are they’ll shun reality TV in favour of old sitcoms and mystery/drama/supernatural and take on four or five projects at a time just because they can.

Also, please don’t ask me what this sign is called. I haven’t a clue, but I welcome your suggestions.

11 thoughts on “The Zodiac According to Me”

  1. I love the description. We, readers, are lucky to experience this side of you. Thank you for the share, and I think Sarah-Zodiac fits. God Bless you.

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      1. No, they don’t. lol
        Quite often it’s the hidden bits of a chart that have more feel for a person’s insides and/or show on the outsides than the sun sign. Thanks for answering 🙂


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