Doppelganger Tales

This prompt is a little more on the nose than it realizes.

See, I actually have a doppelganger already. I’ve probably told this tale a few times already, but here’s the gist: A girl I knew in high school looked similar to me, and people mistook us for each other. We have both been out of high school for years now and still people sometimes get confused. Looking back, I think it’s just in general that we looked similar, but the point remains.

OK. Glad we got that out the way.

So, I’ve entered the home of Joe Bloggs (no pun intended) who is my casual acquaintance. His home is totally identical to mine. What happens next?

Well, first I would demand answers. I can be very persuasive when I want answers, and I am quite willing to badger with my questions until I get the desired result. I would become a parrot, if you will. This is because I am sometimes a suspicious person and a bit wary of people I don’t know well. Maybe Mr Bloggs has been following me around, and maybe he has entered my home at some point for interior design tips.

Chances are I would then stalk out and rearrange my own home; I don’t know yet who is mimicking whom, do I? So I rearrange my belongings, and I come back to Joe’s. This way I can see who the copycat is. Either way, I would promptly cut ties with him, and possibly look into moving to a different place.

Oh, and then I would get some new furnishings together, because what better excuse for a shopping trip.

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