On Beginnings and Parrots

This is a beginning.

It’s late 2012. We share a class that I grudgingly go along to for the sole joy of getting to see a parrot in action. It’s during this time I come up with an idea for a Twilight knock-off. A love story written between two writers. One takes the male point of view, the other the female. It lasted a few paragraphs before dying away as interest in the story didn’t last very long. Never forgot it though.

This is a beginning.

It is November 1st, and the race is on. 50,000 words in 30 days between 2 writers? Piece of cake. Having a coherent story that’s told out of order, backwards as well as forwards, jumping about in between? Well, that’s a lot harder to do. How easy is it to keep track of a story that’s not told chronologically?

This is a beginning

It’s late 2011. I’m sitting in my English tutorial when we get randomly grouped together to discuss Pride and Prejudice. I proceed to riff on how the story could be improved if you replaced Mr Darcy with Batman, and how Twilight could benefit significantly with added sentences such as “said Bella, as she was trampled to death by a herd of elephants”. Sentences that are never brought up again, just randomly inserted into the story to jump out at the reader. The girl who is in the group is quiet, but intelligent. We end up striking a conversation and a strange, unusual friendship.

This is a beginning.

A small New Zealand town is wiped off the face of the Earth, as if it had never existed to begin with. There are no survivors bar two, who can’t offer much in the way of an explanation. It comes down to just a small group of people, led by a minister, to try and decode what happened and how to stop it happening again. To find some sort of answers before it’s too late.

This is a beginning.

There were strange lights in the sky. It was odd, since there seemed to be no explanation nor confirmation by the outside world. They just appeared one night and disappeared the next morning. It was quite unusual.

This is a beginning.

This is a start for a whole new chapter in their lives… one that would not be going the way they planned. Sometimes the truth is better left unsaid.

This is a beginning.

I’m bored, as I often am. I strike up a conversation with someone I hadn’t talked to in years. I bring up the concept of the dually written novel again and, as if guided by some unseen hand, a new plot takes shape. A plot featuring not only a murder mystery, but a commentary on life and society in general. An examination of writing in this new world we find ourselves in. The very place you’re reading these words says a lot about the person writing them, don’t you think?

This is a beginning

And you’ve just started to read this post, waiting to see what I have to say. Who says all beginnings have to start at the start, after all?

5 thoughts on “On Beginnings and Parrots”

  1. I like the English tutorial 🙂 My granddaughter suggested a new Twilight Novel/movie. It would be very inexpensive to produce. It goes like this…”And then Buffy staked Vincent. The End.”


  2. Beginnings can begin anytime at all. Sometimes they begin in the middle and sometimes the end. It’s just recognizing them that can be tricky.

    Bella being trampled by a herd of elephants….. What a lovely thought!

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