The Costume

I’m not a fan of Halloween, but this is right up my alley.

I’d pick a costume within a costume, rather than designing something that reflects my innermost self. (This is at least 83% due to the fact that I have the artistic ability of a broken lamppost)

The costume would be this: Clothes, fairly plain, maybe jeans and a cute top. Please forgive vagueness, I don’t speak fashion. Or a casual dress. Ideally there would be boots of some description, preferably the kind with a wickedly tall, wickedly skinny heel.

To accessorize: a bag, a tote, maybe. The kind that I can just drop on the ground at a moment’s thought. It would be in a bold colour, against neutral clothes. Some of my favourite outfits are a bright pink bag against gray and black clothes. I’d add on a coffee cup of some description – either a takeaway one or a thermos, I don’t care – and the rest can be hidden in the bag for you to guess at.

OK, it’s not the most daring or vivid or wild, but what does a writer look like?


7 thoughts on “The Costume”

  1. Sounds like a writer to me! (I have to replace the boots with anything that’s flat and supportive but other than that— you are spot on!)


  2. That’s a very good question… what does a writer look like? I don’t speak fashion either, Louise. Besides, as my Mum used to say, “I’m built for comfort, not style.” I’ve yet to see a writer where I could say, “Yep, they are definitely a writer.” LOL unless they’re wearing a t-shirt that says, “Writer’s Block…when your imaginary friends won’t play with you.”


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