I’ve never felt unequal in my daily life, though my understanding has always included things like the apparent pay divide between men and women – or maybe that’s feminism, and I’m trying to write about something too smart for me. Then again, feminism is rooted in women’s rights and how they relate to those of men – for instance, trying to gain women the same rights men have.

I remember years ago watching a film in English, I don’t remember now what it was called, but – no, I Googled a quote. The film was called Crash, and if memory serves race was a big theme in it. How the races interact, how stereotypes are taken, that sort of thing. And at some point, I remember this really well, we had to do a written exercise. My contribution on it was “I realize I’ve had quite a sheltered sort of life”.

And it’s true. I’ve been lucky – I have never felt like a “lesser” sort of person because of my skin colour, or for being a woman, or for what I chose to study. I don’t think my religious preferences have ever been an issue; this is what I mean when I say I’ve had a sheltered life. Maybe part of this comes from knowing there’s a piece of New Zealand history in which a woman campaigned to allow women the right to vote; or, another part of history which saw a woman be the first in New Zealand to gain a university degree.

When I first came across this prompt, I didn’t know too well what to write. Inequality is, as I’ve said, not something I’ve experienced. I think I’ll leave you with this quote:

“All that separates, whether of race, class, creed, or sex, is inhuman, and must be overcome.”
(Kate Sheppard)

5 thoughts on “Inequality”

  1. The only inequality I have ever experienced – and I’m not even sure it counts as inequality – is how people treat me when they discover I have bi-polar. I’m one of the lucky ones I guess.


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