The Clutterbox

I’d have to say this is about equal.

My desktop could stand a clean-up; however, I don’t, because a good portion of the icons are half-finished stories, or fanfictions. If I bury them in folders and libraries, they will honestly never see the light of day – on the desktop, they wait. They wait for ideas or time, they wait for that one flash of inspiration that sees me unspool five thousand words (no, no joke) in one sitting and then do what I will with them. By leaving them on the desktop, I have a reminder every time I log in, because I save them under such useful file names that I can tell at a glimpse if something is unfinished.

Anyway, when I do finish something I put it into a particular folder, handily labeled Completed Documents. My organizing is great, I’m kind of an organizing person. Really, it’s all just a matter of time.

As for my bedroom, that’s a study in contradictions. My wardrobe and bookshelves are very carefully neat: books in alphabetical order by surname of the author. If an author shares the last name with others (for instance the Brontes) then it goes in alphabetical order of their first name. I colour-code my wardrobe by colour – actually, if you want to be specific it’s colour-coded in alphabetical order of the name of the colour. Black or blue at the left side, white and yellow at the right. Green, pink, orange etc all carefully put in between.

My desk… is not so neat. There’s a big pad of paper, which covers a large part of the desk. I have some bits and pieces – canvases, old yearbooks, coat hangers – on top. There’s almost always a jacket or coat over the desk chair. I never have one clean-out – I skim things off as I feel like it. If I dislike a shirt or book, I’ll start a collection for the donation boxes. Magazines don’t stay long, so I stopped buying a while back. Beside my bed I stack library books, a spiral-bound notebook and other random things.

I daresay that my mind is cluttered, which tends to be, and I suppose my computer has to come reflect this.


6 thoughts on “The Clutterbox”

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  2. Like you, my room and my laptop reflect me; semi-organised. I’m a bit of a ‘piler’. Everything gets heaped up until I have a blitz day and get it all sorted…. so the cycle can begin again 😀


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