Oh, finally. Not a moment too soon.

If the Daily Prompt elves have this magical power to add on sixty minutes per day and still keep it a seven day week I’m all for it. I assume there’s some kind of time-travel involved to manipulate time but I’m not going to think on it too deeply.

Gift horses, you know.

Anyway, with my extra hour a day I will do anything. Catch up on an episode of Pretty Little Liars. Read a book. Knit. Bake cupcakes (second only to my cookies). Do laundry – I do enjoy laundry – or make dinner. Write something.

In high school there are a lot of assemblies, and sometimes speeches. You know, the motivational kind. One that stuck (as well as a lecture on rice, thanks Mr Verbose Intermediate Principal) was about time. Essentially, the metaphor was that every second of the day was a dollar, given to you in advance. No, that’s too inarticulate.

OK, so say you were given $86400 every day. You can only spend it. You cannot put it into another account, you cannot make extra deposits, and you cannot withdraw it to spend elsewhere. Question: What do you do with all that money? Do you save it, spend it wisely, waste it on random things that don’t matter?

That sounds better.

Metaphors aside, I don’t have one activity for what I’d do with twenty-five hour days. I have a lot of things that I’d like to do; it depends on the day.


15 thoughts on “25-7”

  1. I love your title!
    And you’re probably right, we would all waste it. The world may have begun with 2 useful hours, and now we have 24 and we are still wishing for another one to use for free time. Ahhh, the human condition. Never enough, eh?
    Great stuff!


    1. Thanks!

      I don’t know about wasting – I define wasting time loosely, because I might consider something important or interesting, and someone else might not. And you’re right – if we did have 25 hours no doubt we’d want more – and possibly more after that, and yet more after that. It’s fascinating, I think.

      Thanks for stopping by!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I forgot about student loans. Thanks for the reminder, lol. Love the idea of a library. That would be wonderful!


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