Dictionary, Excluded

This doesn’t really happen to me all that much, to be honest. I like knowing things, a lot. I distinctly remember answering a prompt about being the Patron Saint of something, and here is my answer. If there’s a word I want to use, I tend to run to the dictionary or Google, look it up before I ever use it. Poncy though it may sound, I like knowing things too much to ever misuse a word.

Although there was the one time that I used “inherent” in conversation, when I wasn’t quite sure what it meant. I looked it up later, and it turned out I had used it correctly, so well done me. If I do have any wordy misadventures, I shall be sure to let you know.

8 thoughts on “Dictionary, Excluded”

  1. I’m OCD that way – if I’m uncertain I have to look it up or find another word. A trick I’ve incorporated more recently when typing in Word is right clicking on the word I’m unsure of and checking the synonyms to confirm whether it means what I think it means.


  2. There was one occasion when I was very young I used a word in a sentence that was completely wrong. Not telling about it though, it’s way too embarrassing :-/


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