Ready Set Annoyance

I don’t like this. Seems the Daily Prompt is recycling the same free-write.

There’s a number four, so they’ve offered that up four times within the past couple of months. I’d get into a glary mood but that’s too much work, and this whole non-editing thing, that is just going to make me anxious.

Bad enough I had Ideas at 2am and miserably forgot to write them down, and they were good ideas too.

Then again I’ve just done two poems, but they weren’t the ones I specifically wanted to write. And I’ve racked my brains trying to find even a thread of a word, just one little word that will re-trigger. I’ve read piles of fanfiction trying to trigger the idea I had last night.

Oh, look at this. Chocolate. It has popping candy in it, that’s kind of my weakness. Also, sour Skittles. I can be very territorial over those, except the sugar content is off-putting. I think I have an allergy to non-editing, Co-Author is a fan of not editing things like this because when do you edit art? Hm, how about in portraits? What even is art? The other day he suggested I create a character for our novel, and the catch is that I can’t plan this out. I’m still not sure how that works, because hello, you have to plan these things in order to make it work.

Number four. I’m on the fence about this, is it a good number or a not-so good? It’s good because of the seasons, and it features in the novel, but also Harry Potter lived at number 4. Oh, that reminds me of a fic I had in mind, I keep having ideas and not having enough time to write them all. I’ve got one notebook filled with fanfic ideas and a second one half filled, and I’ve still got ideas floating around the techisphere.

What do you do when you have three or four ideas all on the go and they start blurring together? Write, I suppose, write like your life depends on it. Also I didn’t get that blog job, but their loss.

Ha, editing is so deeply ingrained in my soul that I do it without even realizing. Keep changing words and stuff just to make it so there’s no typos. Ah well, sorry to disappoint, people who proclaim “no editing”. Oh, well, not really, but the thought is what counts right?

Just spent a minute trying to debate how they put the sugar into chocolate, I should YouTube the process of making chocolate. I remember a guy at uni once did that, just randomly watched videos of How Things Get Made on YouTube, and took up a computer in the process.

That dude didn’t have a damn to give.

12 thoughts on “Ready Set Annoyance”

    1. Thank you! They have, it caught my attention a bit because I wondered if they’re low on ideas, and then I got to thinking a bit about if they needed ideas…

      You do? Oh that’s awesome 🙂


      1. Yeah maybe they are out of ideas. It happens to the best of us.

        And I learned how to do it a few years back. I will do it when I bake cakes around here for birthdays or major holidays.


  1. They’re renowned for using the same ideas over and over… but then, no one could possibly come up with unique prompts every single day without repeating themselves!

    Love your train of thought here. Was the chocolate you had Cadbury’s? 😀


    1. I suppose it’s the first time I’ve really noticed it.

      Many thanks 🙂 I do like it when I get to shut off the filters and run with the words for a little while, and I do believe it was – it’s my go-to chocolate brand 🙂


  2. I don’t mind these free-write, no edit things, because that’s how I write anyway. I only go back and edit for spelling etc when I’m done, but as I write tales in response to these prompts I’m guessing it’s kinda easier for me than for folks who have specific blog themes and that.


    1. I like them well enough – a chance to shut off the analysis in my brain (or at least try to). I think it probably is easier if you don’t have a set theme, I like to know ahead of time what I’m going to write.

      I’m a planner from way back 🙂

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  3. I noticed it and I find it equally as annoying. I would rather they give us a prompt and if we choose to write about it then fine, if not then I can free write on my own.

    Yes! Sour skittles 😀 !!


    1. Hm, yes. I was wondering about the lack of prompt ideas; I like these freewrites well enough, other than the chronic no-editing thing which drives me mad 🙂

      Still, I wouldn’t do a freewrite on my own; I’d only do it if prompted.

      And sour Skittles were long a favourite of mine, before the health factor kicked in 🙂


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