Time Machine For Sale

I have issues with the time machine.

It goes into the past or the future. Therefore, I don’t want either version. You see, if I went into the past I would be tempted to change things. I’ve read enough science fiction (ahem) to know that you don’t want to go causing a butterfly effect across the world.

Also, I like the technology of 2014. I’m trying to imagine myself, back in time a thousand years. No technology whatsoever – at least, none of the kind I know and appreciate on a daily basis. Would I forget all the things that make me me? And how would I entertain myself with none of my favourite books or plays? A thousand years predates Chaucer, even. Also, I’m pretty sure that back then women had vastly fewer rights.

As for going into the future, why take out all the surprise? Just because I’m writing a book doesn’t mean I want to know how it’s doing in 2025. I don’t want to know ahead of time who’s going to be in government, or what vapidness is taking over TV and movies. If I knew what would happen twenty years from now, I would no doubt take shortcuts if I could find them. And while I’m all for a shortcut here and there, I don’t want to return to the present day with a map and guidebook of What You’re Going To Do and How To Get There.

And thus, dear readers, I am auctioning my time machine. It is in perfect, never-used condition, and bidding starts at $75. Please take tea or coffee and peruse the machine at your convenience.

8 thoughts on “Time Machine For Sale”

    1. Thanks 🙂 I’m by no means a sci-fi aficionado, but I know enough to know the negatives of time travel.

      Not to mention I did read a time-travel fic once and my head basically exploded, so I may as well profit from the time machine 🙂

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  1. Well after reading through the prompt again I got the impression that since it can only go to the future or past that means you can’t come back either. That being said, maybe you’ll want to lower the price on that time machine to $50.00. Unless you throw in an air freshener, in which I’ll take yours for future adventures (mine is set to the past).


  2. I’m writing a story with a time travel device in it (sort of). Add one ancient Rome-obsessed batty man who wants to go back and save Julius Caesar and you’re in trouble. He tries bribery, offering to save Jesus first. In the words of the thirteen-year-old protagonist, “He just doesn’t understand, does he Dad.”


      1. No, it’s novel length. I have until the end of this month to finish editing it and then send it to the publisher “for assessment” LOL wish me luck 😀


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