We Interrupt This Regularly Scheduled Programme

Alright, this would normally be where I yap on about the week’s progress on Collab Novel 2014.

Thing is, I’ve been busy plotting mischief and knitting things, and Co-Author is “busy with essays”.  He’s begun talking about doing things “off the top of my head” which causes me to fret. I like planning things out. Seriously, I already know what I’m going to post on Facebook tomorrow, and how I intend to further nefarious plots figure out what my next move is.

As for my side, I’ve been anticipating tomorrow. I’ve got my gown and accessories and everything figured out (see, I plan things), my gown is hung on the back of my door with shoes and a second outfit nearby, and I’ve already mapped out the rest.

I’ll come back to yap on next week.


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