Another Freewrite

I find this freewrite very strange. Just spilling random words onto a keyboard.

I wonder how much longer it is until this thing finishes… eight minutes, though I spent thirty seconds linking up a pingback. Oh well, no-one will mind.

So there’s the novel to be working on, and I’m sure I want to do one of my own for publishing, or was that the short story? Maybe it was both, I imagine November will be rather busy. Lots of caffeine required. Why am I erasing words?

Ooh. Photography. I wonder if Kickstarter is any good. I’d love peoples’ opinions, and how on earth did those two minutes pass so fast? I started writing at two minutes past the hour. So six minutes left. Yay. I seem to spend a lot of time counting down the minutes on these things, it’s stupid. I should explore the camera apps you can get for an iPod, I’ve heard how the iPhone is a wonderful super thing for taking photos. Stands to reason that the iPod would be the same, they’re from the same family.

And knitting, it’s stupid how they closed down the aisle to restock. They should’ve done it shortly before closing, I think, then they might have had more customers. Then again they would have had to pay overtime, I guess, so there’s not much of a compromise. Paying customers vs paying workers overtime? That was annoying.

Ugh, this scarf. I’m doing knit-purl-knit, which I understand is “stocking” stitch or something, and the scarf is curling right up. Very annoying, and I might have to work out some other stitch. Why is it these stitches sound diabolically difficult until you do a few rows and hey, they’re actually super-easy? I call shenanigans.

Somehow it’s managing to curl up at the bottom and on the sides. I might actually be knitting a tube.

Well, worst case scenario I stitch it all together and call it a tube scarf, I’ve seen such things, not to mention a ‘snood’. What even is a snood?

And of course I didn’t take into account the work a scarf takes so now I’m down a pair of needles, so I can’t make more iPod cases yet. Seems the Etsy store will have to wait for another day.


11 thoughts on “Another Freewrite”

  1. Ah, a knitter. Why do we get ourselves into such a frustrating hobby? I can never work out exactly how many balls I will need, let alone how many hours something will take, but then again, once you get into the swing of a stitch its sort of relaxing; at least I find it so. Good luck with your snood tube 😀 As to Kickstarter, I’ve never used it myself but from what I have seen it seems to work if you can manage to raise enough interest, so the more spectacular your project and the wider your net of contributors the better, I think. Good luck with that too!


    1. I decided that knowing the one stitch wasn’t enough: I needed to learn at least the other one, and casting off. I kind of just buy what I can carry, and use what I need. What happens with the rest, I don’t yet know. It’s certainly relaxing, even if I am bewildered by how to stop the curling.

      Yes, that’s about the sum of it… Might try it one day if I get really desperate for funds 🙂

      Thanks for the encouragement 🙂

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      1. Probably would not have found The Daily Post until much later (and many freewrites later) without keeping up on your blog. Thanks all the same. Have you dabbled much into Kickstarter?


      2. You’re welcome 🙂 I use DP a lot, they’re a lot of fun and very helpful.

        No, I’ve never used it, just looked at it in a “this might finance my grand schemes one day” sort of way 🙂
        Have you used it?


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