Ramblings From the Co-Author

As one man once said (in a reference I hope people will get), “First things first, but not necessarily in that order”.

I suppose I should start with the introduction. I’m the often-touted ‘Co-Author’ of the book making his first appearance here in this WordPress account. I’m the one who came up with the idea and is roughly plotting out the route we plan to take but, knowing me, is no doubt going to take massive detours for things that look shiny.

With the introduction out of the way, I suppose I should continue with explaining the genesis of this novel. A slice of life story detailing the events before a major catastrophe via online sources. It occurred to me, as I was browsing the web, that there were two fundamental principles when it comes to the online world:

Firstly, we now have a quicker and more scattered way of receiving news more than we have in the past. When anything happens, be it a disaster or a TV finale, we’re quick to spread it around on social media. We’re quick to have our say. It’s not hard to find a common trend within the social media world, especially with the likes of hashtags. Hence the format for the book: How easy would it be to reconstruct an event using social media alone?

But the second, well, the second point is the far more interesting one. Have you ever seen someone so colossally stupid online and wonder how they survive? Just who these people behind the words are? Now think about your own writing. Think about what you’re saying as you type your comment right now. What sort of person are you putting across? Why are you using the words that you’re using, the syntax that you’re choosing? What could someone deduce about you from what you are typing right now?

What if what you wrote right now was the very last thing you’d ever say?

As we enter a world more connected, a world where our online selves influence our real one, a world where everything we say shall be immortalized forever, ask yourself one thing: If you disappeared off the face of the Earth, and all that was left were what you said online…

Would you be happy with that?

2 thoughts on “Ramblings From the Co-Author”

  1. Hello there, Co-Author – it’s wonderful to meet you at last! The premise of the novel is intriguing indeed – I can’t wait to see what you and Sarah turn it into. 🙂


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