Autumn Thoughts

It’s closer to summer than autumn here – we have the wacky schedule of seasons which puts Christmas in summer.

I’ve never had a ‘pumpkin spice latte’, it sounds very bizarre. Call me boring, but if I’m going to have a flavoured latte I prefer traditional flavours such as vanilla. Caramel if I’m being really crazy.

Still, I like autumn. I like the scent of burning woodfires, and the warmth that greets you when you come inside from the cold. It’s very satisfying to trudge through the cold and step into warmth, the kind that fogs your glasses and wraps around you and pulls the chill away from your fingers.

I love the crunchy leaves underfoot – even now as an adult I still find pleasure in stomping crunchy-looking leaves and having to pull a light coat out of storage. And I like knowing that winter is on its way. I’ve always liked the colder seasons; some of my fondest memories are in the cold weather.

And in a few months I’ll find something to like about summer.

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