It Begins

So I live in New Zealand, where it’s currently the 10th of September.

The tenth.

And Mum and I were in Department Store 1, whereat she nudged me and indicated a stand with boxes of chocolates –  nicer than the usual $5 mix box. She also indicated an empty shelf.

Bemused, I shrugged it off and we proceeded to the next store, where I wanted wool. It should probably be noted Next Store is kind of Department Store 2.0, with clothes and gadgets and furniture, but also garden supplies, craft stuff, basic groceries and hardwares. Basically everything under one big tin roof.

On the way to the wool aisle there’s a lot of random stands. They hold basically the seasonal/holiday-specific treats and gifts. You know, sports books for Father’s Day, the flowers for Mother’s Day… Anyway, we passed these quite happily, with Mum pointing out ominously that “It’s starting”.

And it was. As we passed the holiday stands, I spied with my myopic little eye candy canes. Fruity ones, peppermint ones, plastic candy canes that hold jelly beans. For three months and fifteen days, there will be increasing Christmas cheer.

I scratched at my nail polish and tried not to feel weary.

4 thoughts on “It Begins”

  1. They’ve started already??? You’ve got to be kidding 😮
    I must take note next time I go to Big W, Myer or Target to see if it’s started here too. That is just wrong and very, very sad.


    1. Nope, no kiddings here. I’ll bring photo evidence tomorrow.

      As I understand it those are big department type stores, so there very well may be the first Christmas ornaments sneaking in.

      I like Christmas well enough, but it is sad – how many people will be sick of it with a three and a half month lead-up between today and the day itself?


  2. My husband has a drawing in his office of Santa holding a glass of milk and a hot cross bun with the words, “My they’ve started early.”
    This sounds exactly like this. Ye-gads. No wonder everyone so keen on Christmas in July. They’ll have Christmas stuff out at that time next year.


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