A Few Bricks Here

Well, I told you guys last week about the collaborative novel my friend (from now I’ll call him Co-Author) and I are planning. It’s tricky right now because one of us is at university (him) and the other is not, but practicing to become a Responsible Adult (me), and we also have our own separate projects going.

I’ve decided that updates will be every Monday unless there’s major news to report.

At present we don’t exactly have a genre, because as he says, life doesn’t really have a set genre. I opine that life is its own genre. Anyway, we’re planning to mix up several genres. When I asked about any particular genres, the list included (but was not limited to) sci-fi, some romance, comedy, paranormal ideas, thriller, detective fiction.

Just a little ambitious.

Part of the idea was that you don’t often see a lot of novels by two people, it’s been done but I’ve haunted the Young Adult section of my local library and it’s a lot of single-authored books.

I’ve been researching small towns, since that’s the setting, and at some point I’ll have created a full-on map where 100 different people live, and I’ve already considered going to Small Town for research, since I live in a decent-sized city. We’ve sketched out a basic plotline, got down the key events that signify Things Are Happening. Still laying the foundations, still piling up bricks to make the foundations of the town.

Things will be happening, and we’re seven weeks out from NaNoWriMo.

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